The Seaskate Company was born out of a desire to bring stoke* to people from all walks of life.

*a surf slang expression meaning excited, pleased, happy, thrilled.

“It all started when I introduced surfskates to a close friend of mine. He had no prior skateboarding or surfing experience, but with a little coaching and practice, I watched him turn the road into his very own wave, flowing and carving through every turn. And the look on his face? It was pure stoke! I was sold at that point that almost everybody could learn to have fun on a surfskate.”

– Edward See, Founder


Waves On Wheels

Fluidity in motion.

We love the ocean and surfing waves. However, catching a break to surf may not come easy for many of us. That’s why we designed our products to bring you the same feeling of surfing, but on land.


Find your flow

Whether it’s tearing up the skatepark or taking a long one through some quiet roads.

“Skating alone is fun” said no one ever.


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